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Dispute Resolution and Litigation

I regularly appear in many different courts and tribunals on behalf of my clients. I am an aggressive trial attorney should the matter so require. This being stated, it has always my goal to work closely with my clients to avoid litigation. Litigation is often costly, distracting and frustrating for clients. And for most clients, time spent in court or in depositions is usually economically non-productive time away from work, business and family.

Further, I have found that allowing judges or jurors to make decisions on behalf of my clients often leads to results that would not usually be the first, best or the same choice that my clients would make if they were going to make decisions for themselves. By interacting with and providing legal and practical advice to clients on an on-going proactive basis, litigation can often be avoided and a more positive resolution reached - thereby producing a result that is far more beneficial to the client.

Although many issues and disputes do arise in spite of well intentioned and well reasoned business transactions, negotiation or other events, I have found that my clients are best served by being informed of multiple options and effects or consequences of various actions and decisions concerning such issues and disputes. By being so informed, clients can often craft ways or means that are far more effective than litigation in resolving disputes and issues. Also, I strongly believe that a frank discussion of differing strategies and/or cost benefit analysis often leads to the most beneficial outcome for the client. In other words, I am not an advocate of the "slash and burn" style of lawyering - succeeding in one's lawsuit or position, or pursuing one's claims or advancing one's cause at a significant cost (whether financial or otherwise) is often beneficial only to the lawyer, leaving the client in a "lesser" position than the client existed in before engaging an attorney.

Again, while I am an aggressive and successful trial attorney, my goal is to take multiple approaches or angles to issues or disputes to determine the best solution for a client's specific needs. The sooner a client can be relieved of a thorny issue or distracting dispute, the sooner the client can resume what makes the client successful.

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